Student Wiki Tips

PARENTS & STUDENTS PLEASE READ: Joining and participating in this Wikispace is NOT REQUIRED if you are a student in Mr. B's class. You can view the entire website and utilize all classroom notes and resources without a membership. So why join anyway?? Read below...

Why Join?

  • Becoming a member of Wikispaces allows you to post discussions and become part of online discussions regarding science class.
  • You can also create your own portfolio of work samples and notes online for others to view.
  • It's free and easy :)

How to Join

  • Simply use this link and follow the directions.
  • Click on "Join" to create an appropriate user name and profile on Wikispaces.

How to Protect Yourself On Wikispaces

  • When creating a profile or communicating with other members, never give your full first and last name.
  • Never post/reveal any personal information such as phone numbers, home addresses, location, etc.
  • Much like a large metropolitan city, the Internet is a wonderful place with so many available resource. It can also be a very dangerous place. You would never drop your child off in a big city and expect them to explore it and remain safe. The goal of this page is to provide awareness and try to keep everyone safe from the dangers of the Internet. Please remember to supervise and teach your students to use this resource appropriately and monitor their activity online.

Other Tips and Reminders

  • REMEMBER: This is a PUBLIC FORUM. Please use common sense and know that anything you post or say is potentially being viewed by the global community, not just your friends or teachers.
  • Mr. Bergmann and Kinard Middle School has no control over what people publish on the discussion boards. Anybody in the world can post anything on our discussion forums. We do however monitor and delete inappropriate comments as we find them. If this makes you or your family uncomfortable, you can choose not to view or participate in the discussion forums.
  • This is a public place. It's no different than being out at the mall with your friends or in the hallways at school. Behave appropriately and protect yourself!
  • The discussion board is only for comments and notes that are to be viewed by the entire class and community. If you have individual concerns or grade questions, please send a private email to Mr. B :)
  • Be respectful!