Mr. Bergmann's Guitar Class Wiki

Kinard Core Knowledge Middle School
or: Mr. Chris Bergmann
Phone: (970) 488-5452
Email: cbergman@psdschools.org

Welcome to Mr. Bergmann's Guitar Class website! Please use this great resource to keep yourself updated with current happenings in Guitar Class. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email me at any time.

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Inside Class

A Peek at the Week
Green = Classroom Activities
Red = Homework Due

  • Tuning and warm-up excercises
  • Daily mini-lesson (guitar basics and fundamentals)
  • Practice time

  • In class participation
  • HW Practice
  • Improvement (skills test)
  • Quizes
  • Updated Guitar Journal

Journal Check Requirements - Due Wednesday Sept. 30th.
  • Table of Contents- Organization, Titles, and Page #'s (5 pts)
  • Anatomy of the Guitar - 1 paste in and all parts neatly labeled (5 pts)
  • Strings and Notes- 1 paste in and all major notes labeled (5 pts)
  • Chord Charts- 1 paste in labeled with correct finger placement (5 pts)
  • Finger Exercises & Warm-Ups- Tabs for warm-up exercises from Kyle J. (Chromatic & Triplets) (5 pts)
  • Barre & Power Chords- Some notes, charts, or tabs to explain barre chord patterns (5 pts)
  • Key I.D. & Solo- Key finder chart and notes (steps to determining key and solo) (5 pts)
  • Neat and Complete Labels & Titles Through Journal (5 pts)
    • 40 Points Total

Parent Information

Current Unit
  • Fundamentals of Guitar (The Basics)

Helpful Links

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