Technology Tips 101

The Lingo
Blog- The word blog is short for "web log" or an interactive online journal or diary with individual news or information. Blogs can be created by anyone with anything to share with the world from a variety of host sites (ex.
Wiki- A wiki is a collaborative online workspace where anyone can add content and anyone can edit content that has already been published (ex. wikipedia)
RSS Feed- RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. This is a technology that allows educators to create a website to subscribe to "feeds" of the content that is created on any other website that you enjoy. In other words, just as in traditional models of syndication, content comes to the reader instead of the reader retrieving the content. From a research and information managment standpoint, RSS Feeds may be the most world changing technology in education today.
Podcast- A web-based audio (sound) broadcast. You can access a podcast by subscribing to an RSS feed or downloading one from an website over the internet.
Web 2.0- This is the idea that the internet is now a place to collaborate and not just read the internet, but also write the internet (this idea is also refered to as Read/Write Web).

Technology and Globalization in Education (Quotes and Key Ideas):

Great Links and FREE Online Resources

Free video conferencing and long distance phone calls to anyone in the world with an account.

Google Docs
Online document creation and real-time sharing, including markup and comments. Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms (surveys) multi lingual 100% compatible with Microsoft Office documents.

Free online presentation software, allows collaboration and strong tools for managing and reporting. Free to educators.

Online slideshow creation to music. Analyzes images and puts them to music either provided by them or to uploaded user music. Free

If you need a tool for anything search here, has in excess of 1000 sites!

Online image editing and publishing. Integrates with Flickr and Picasa image sharing and collaboration.

Social networking for teachers interested in online interactive collaboration.

Flat Classroom Project
Web 2.0 tools to make communication and interaction between students and teachers from all participating classrooms easier. The topics studied and discussed are real-world scenarios based on 'The World is Flat' by Thomas Friedman. Not many classes but instructive

50GB of online storage and backup for all file types including access to our basic service features, all for FREE. Basic plan you will have the essentials to store, backup, share, and edit your documents online. Great for student access of large docs and movies.

Free website and Blog (WebLog) creation and posting

Free online wikis. See Very powerful free tool for web 2.0 site creation.

Videos That Will Change The Way You Teach And View The World
The Global Learner- Alan November

If the you tube video is down, you can download the file above.

The World Is Flat- Thomas Friedman

If the you tube video is down, you can download the file above.

Hot, Flat, & Crowded- Thomas Friedman

Shift Happens

Google Docs- In Plain English

Wikis- In Plain English

Blogs- In Plain English

Social Bookmarking- In Plain English

Web Searching- In Plain English

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