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Current Unit: Physics

Portfolio OrganizationStudents should have the following assignments in their portfolio folder in the correct sequence as listed below.
Key Concepts
What do I need to fix?
Relative Motion Zoom Prezi
Motion is relative and depends on your frame of reference

Vector Detectors
Vectors vs. Scalars (notes)
VECTORS ARE ADDITIVE (can be combined)

Fuzzy Vectors Interactive Journal Activity
Work habit (IN CLASS)
Combining component vectors into a single resultant using the parallelogram rule and "tip to tail" methods

Vector Practice WS
Work Habits (HW)
Measuring and calculating resultant vectors from component vectors

Physics Quiz #1
Relative Motion & Frame of Reference
Vectors & Scalars

Newton's 2nd Law Calculation WS
Work Habit (HW)
Practice (accuracy)
Practice with F=ma variables

Newton's Laws Station Lab
Newton's 3 Laws of Motion
1. Inertia
2. F=ma
3. Action/Reaction

Journal Tracker

Students should have the following activities in their portfolio in the correct sequence and sections as listed below.

Science Journal: Example Table of Contents

Frequently Asked Questions...
What should I do if I don't do so well on an assignment or quiz?
  • Step 1. The student should have a conversation with Mr. B outside of regular class time.
  • Step 2. The student should communicate the mistakes with parents and brainstorm a study plan to improve on the concepts that were missed.
  • Step 3. The parent should send an email or phone communication to Mr. B acknowledging that they know about the poor grade and that the student has taken steps to fix it.
  • Step 4. The student brings back evidence of practice and new learning to show Mr. B that they have improved
  • Step 5. As a result of steps 1-4 the student will then have a chance to re-master the essential learning or assignment.
    • Note: If a pattern of incomplete work is starting to occur, these steps will probably change and we will start with a parent conference.

What is the difference between a weekly quiz and a unit assessment?
  • Weekly quizzes are quick checks for understanding on current essential learning targets. They are just like practice for a big game. In fact, the same types of questions that show up in weekly quizzes are likely to show up again during a unit assessment (so it's important to keep them and review them before a big test). If the student doesn't do so well on a quiz, they are welcome to try again after following steps 1-5 in the previous section above. Remember, fixing any grade begins with a teacher-student conversation. However, these quizzes can only be corrected up until the day of big unit assessment. After the test, quiz scores will freeze because the class will be moving into a new phase studying a new topic.
  • Unit Assessments are a final snapshot of the student's understanding of a particular unit that includes all essential learning targets from the quizzes leading up to the test. Think of these tests as the "Big Game". You can do a lot of studying and practice leading up to the big game, but you cannot change the outcome after it is over.

What should I do if I'm absent and miss class?
  • Step 1. Check the website here to see a calendar and read about all activities that occurred while the student was away.
  • Step 2. Print out any handouts and assignments that were described from the unit resources page.
  • Step 3. Check with Mr. B when you get back to school to explain what you know and ask if there is anything else that needs to be done or turned in.

What should I do if I am confused and don't understand the subject we are studying?
  • Set up a study time with Mr. Bergmann outside of class so that you can get support. He is glad to help!
  • Ask a friend to tutor you and catch you up :-)

What should I do if I have a missing or late assignment?
  • It is the students responsibility to speak up for themselves and ask Mr. B for missing work without the teacher having to hunt down the student. The student needs to complete all work that was assigned during the time of an absence without the teacher asking them to do so. If they get stuck or confused on the requirements, they should ask the teacher for help. They have 2 days to complete missing work for each day that they are gone. If a student does not complete the assignment within this required time frame, it is considered late.
  • For all late assignments, please follow the same 5 step process listed above for correcting an assignment.
  • If there is a pattern of multiple late assignments, then the process will change and it begins with a parent-student-teacher conference to help support the learning gaps that are occurring.
  • All late assignments need to be completed prior to the end of a unit. Any missing or late assignments not turned in before the unit assessment will not be graded.